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UCSB Alumni LogoThe UC Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center is operated by the Alumni Affairs Department at UCSB. Previous attendance at UCSB or a prior relationship with the university are not required. However, at least one adult of each suite at the UC Santa Barbara Family Vacation Center must be a member of a University of California Alumni Association. An individual annual membership with the UCSB Alumni Association is $50. Life membership may be purchased for one payment of $400 (a savings of $100) or four annual payments of $150 each.

Click below to visit the Alumni Association’s website for more information on our programs and services.

UCSB Alumni Website

Although the Alumni Association of the University of California, Santa Barbara was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1965, its history begins early in the twentieth century. The first organized alumni effort recorded took place in February of 1919. The total alumni body was then 600. An informal Alumni Association thus existed, with volunteers organizing reunions around athletic events and homecoming parades. In 1962, for the first time, the University allocated funds in support of the Alumni Relations Program. In September 1965, the UCSB Alumni Association incorporated under the laws of California as a non-profit, charitable organization and became the publisher of the alumni publication which was then called UCSB Alumnus.

In 1969, the Alumni Vacation Center opened on campus. In 1980, The Alumnus adopted a magazine format and in 1981 was re-named CoastLines. Since 1982, membership in the Association has expanded from 6,000 members to more than 20,000 members. There are now regional UCSB alumni programs all over the United States, as well as several constituent groups. The Association offers its members a broad range of activities, an extensive educational travel program, as well as a full range of financial and personal services.


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